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30 Jun 2020

First Ever slabbed coins!

Coins | Harrison

Just got my first ever slabbed coins! Got these off eBay it was 26 dollars for both of them. The two coins both grade out as PF69 . The 1987 is the better of the two in my opinion. The 1985 half has one minor scratch but other than that both coins are almost perfect.I have always looked forward to getting graded coins in my collection and I think this was the way to do it!



Level 5

nice coins!


Level 5

Nice coins! Certifyed coins are always fun to have in the collection

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Wow, very sharp eye on your part, you got a great deal and they are really attractive too!


Level 5

Congratulations! Nice pick-ups and a nice start to collecting slabbed coins.


Level 6

Way To go. Well done!! Keep going and thanks for sharing.


Level 6

Nice buy H. You are well on your way to a lifelong addiction to all things numismatic. Welcome to the club and hope to see more of your acquisitions in the future.


Level 7

Nice pick up. Good for you. Buying with a budget and getting some nice coins.. These you will remember years from now. Take care of them and enjoy them!! Thanks for sharing


Level 5

Those are some great looking coins ! I collect Kennedy Half dollars and especially like that one. I do like the graded coins, I just don't like having to pay extra for them...LOL I own a total of 4 of them of which 3 are Kennedys. Thanks for posting !


Level 5

Must of cost that much for someone to have them graded. Nice pick up for sure, and a nice start to collecting slabbed coins. Concentrating on graded slabbed coins is a nice way to collect. Don't have to worry about the ungraded coins having problems. Nice start to a collection of graded coins for sure, and keep looking for more nice finds.

Long Beard

Level 5

Great deal on two for that price indeed. Buying them already graded is definitely the way to go. Congratulations on the smart purchase of, in my opinion, the best grade.


Level 5

Nice pick ups. I can still remember getting my first slabbed coins.


Level 4

Cool deal, practically got the coins for free. Now you need to get the pcgs registry app to scan them in and start building a collection. I have been working on PF69DCAM set of silver state quarters. It is a attractive set and not to expensive. Good luck on your continued collecting.

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