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02 Aug 2017

Day 2 at WFM

World's Fair of Money | Conan Barbarian

so today i was a page for a whole 10 hours at the WFM and had a blast. i first started by helping the dealers set up and get ready for the day and then while doing that i had a look around to see what each had to offer. there were many great sites to see and coins to look at and it made the time fly by faster then i thought. i did end up seeing what the ANA had in their exhibit (including a 1804 dollar, 1792 half disme, 1933 eagle, 1913 V nickel, and many banknote errors that were mind blowing). i also went to the mint's section who had the 1974 D aluminum cent, 1933 double eagle, a 100,000,000 USA certificate, and a sheet of 100,000 dollar bills. i also asked if they had any of the enhanced uncirculated sets on hand but they were sold out. but i did find a dealer who was selling them for $35 and i bought 3 so far and sold one to a different dealer for $40. other dealers that were selling this set were offering $50 which was absolutely absurd but i got myself one for a reasonable price without any trouble. i also got my first half dime and lots of auction catalogs to look through the high end coins that are being sold. i am so sorry that i cant post any pictures its just that i havent got a chance to settle down and even writing this blog is a bit of a time restraint so i will write again tomorrow hopefully with some pics.



Level 6

Sounds like a great time. I'm glad for you. The volunteering is fantastic. Thanks!


Level 5

Enjoy the show. Note the dealers you help and buy from. Make it the start of a relationship with them.


Level 7

I'm glad it's working out for you. Wish I was there. I'm glad your volunteering it remarry helps. Get to see the city. And continue having a blast. Mike


Level 6

Sounds like a perfect day! Just the special exhibits alone were worth the trip. Have a good day tomorrow.

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