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03 Aug 2017

day 3 at the world fair of money

World's Fair of Money | Conan Barbarian

today was another great page day at the WFM and had a blast viewing the exhibits put together by fellow collectors (which i will go into more detail in a further blog) i also went to the auction lot viewing that stacks had set up and got to hold many ultra rare and high grade coins which was so captivating that it took me a while to put the coins down and see other parts of the show. the only unfortunate thing about the show was that none of the dealers there had any empty dansco albums for sale but there are plenty of other items to compromise the cavity. i also participated in the treasure trivia the ANA had and got a few interesting pieces filling out fun facts surrounding the numismatic world. i bonded with a couple of the dealers there that were very nice and wanted me to have a great time there. i also went to the denver federal reserve and saw a few very interesting bank notes and lots of great pieces of currency created by the US and its states. sorry again for no pictures i will contact the ANA because i think there are too many pictures in storage that i have used in the past because i love using them so much that i cant upload any more but thanks for baring with me. 



Level 6

Great blog. Keep us poor people not there informed. Thanks!


Level 6

Sounds like you are having a great time and experience!


Level 5

I went to the park and walked around for a will yesterday. Wish I was in Denver instead.


Level 6

Sounds like a great show, & you are making the most of it! What is the best coin you've seen so far?


Level 7

Keep those blogs commuting. Just got the internet back out all day Mike.

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