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03 Feb 2017

Fancy Serial Numbers

Paper Money-U.S. | Conan Barbarian

i have been keeping all of the fancy serial numbers that have come my way (3 or more doubles like 223344, triples 333, quads 4444, patterns 121212, and anything along those lines). i also have a few error type notes like the 2 solo pictures. the first is the 8 has an ink spill and the second the serial number on the top right is lighter than the other (faded).
 i am planning on selling the collection (most likely on Ebay) but does any one know the price of the collection. the total face value is about $54 and i have seen some people selling a $1 triplet for $3 and so on. does any one have any ideas?


Mike B

Level 6

As of May 2017 I have seen more of these t Han before. Has to be something to them. Great job.


Level 5

Just one of the many ways to collect. Congrats on figuring that out. Like others stated - look for STAR notes!!!


Level 3

I started looking, but haven't found anything interesting. Have u looked into star notes?

Those are interesting! I haven't started collecting bills with numbers like that yet. I guess I should start watching the numbers on the bills I get. Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Interesting. Once I got a $1 bill, serial # was all 8's. I sold it to a paper money specialist.


Level 6

Cool! I am just starting to collect currency.


Level 5

Interesting collection

Mike B

Level 6

I don't have any idea on ink spills or numbers. Wrong serial numbers star bills and silver certificates are the ones I know about. Sorry can't help on those.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

the 3rd picture has extra ink in the number 8

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