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22 Mar 2017

Started my set

Coins-United States | Conan Barbarian

after writing that insight into the great depression era i became really interested with it, so interested i decided to focus on those years (1920-1945: because the great depression really didn't end until after WWII). well any way i got my first coin for the collection and i am planning on keeping them all slabbed which may serve some difficulty in the future. the 1936 MS64RD only cost me a little less than $10 and i got a lot of other free stuff along with the coin (why coin shows are so great!!!). well i am going to the Whitman Expo at the end of the month so i will hopefully find more great offers and build my set to greater heights.

22 Jan 2017

cleaning out my collection

Coins-United States | Conan Barbarian

last night i decided to sell all of my wheat pennies that i don't need and instead of letting them sit around in a box let someone else have fun going through them. after counting the coins (took around 2 hours) i came out with about 2,500 coins. this was my collection of all the wheat pennies that i have purchased over my collecting years that i already have in my albums and don't need them. i took a picture of 5 pennies that i thought were cool and unique so i decided to keep those (from left to right the pictures are): the 2,500 pennies (1930-1958 and 10 steel), a penny in which only half of it acquired dirt, a penny that has a pepper etched into it, a penny that looks tarnished as if it was a silver coin (it looks rainbowy and silver), and the last 2 are 1948-D that the dates were stamped in different locations (not worth much but cool to have). I will probably list the lot on Ebay in the next week and if it sells i will use the money to get some coins graded and finish some of my partial collections.

18 Dec 2016

first coin show

| Conan Barbarian

Today i went to my first coin show, at the Hunt-valley inn in Temmonium, MD, and i learned and met some many people. i made many rounds stopping by at all of the tables numerous times to see what they had to offer and what prices. in the picture is all of the coins i bought/ acquired at the show. I got a total of 19 items and spent $12.50 on everything (if i were to buy all of the coins at the marked price then it would total to a little over $26.50!!). 4 of the items were free (because i am a YN) and almost all of them were discounted price from the labeled price.

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