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09 Aug 2017

The end of my trip in Denver

World's Fair of Money | Conan Barbarian

So my last blog ended off on Thursday last week and after that I did not have the time to write any other blogs until now. 
On Friday I continued working as a page and even went to a talk called coin collecting 101 which was very educational. I also got to look at all the collector made displays and was disappointed that I didn't stop by sooner but in the end I did get to see each and every one of them. After I was done at the WFM I went to the Denver art museum which was interesting. 

On Saturday we toured the city mainly walking all around and looking at the amazing landscape and buildings.

On Sunday it was golden day at the ANA which was amazing. The displays were very interesting and educational learning more about WW1 and pattern coins then before and on top of that the small tours the ANA was doing around the displays and buildings were amazing. I learned so much from them. Another great thing about golden day was the platters upon platters of free food. They gave us a small bag of items celebrating 50 years and I bought a very nice medal from their store that celebrated the occasion. One of the most interesting things there was their mini mint which they produced special tokens for the occasion from and had live demonstrations how the process worked. After the golden day was over I went to a place called garden of the gods which displayed amazing natural rock formations that were enormous. Very cool location and beautiful scenery. 

On Monday I woke up at 5:45 and went strait to the mint (got there around 6:30) to get tickets. There was already a line half way down the block and the mint was only giving out 300 tickets a day. At 7 when the mint opened we were able to get tickets, we chose the very first tour.  By that time there was a line around the corner and far down the block. The your started at 8 and was very interesting even though I knew most of the information about the coins that the tour guide was talking about. Overall the mint was really fun and I strongly recommend it but make sure you get there early first come first served. After the mint I went rafting and the landscape was great. The mountains that we were passing through had most climbing over them which made for a very beautiful sight. The rapids were very fun and there were some very fast spots that I really enjoyed. The only problem is that it was a little cold out but it was still fun. After that we headed to the air port and headed home. 

If you have any questions about my adventures please ask and the next WFM is going to be located in Philadelphia which I whigh I hopefully will attend



Level 3

Awesome thanks for sharing


Level 6

Nice blog on the show. Thanks for your work there. Sounds like a normal great fun show. Lots to learn. Sorry I missed it. Been to on and I can't recommend them stronger, if you can go. Thanks!


Level 6

Great show. The special day at ANA sounds wonderful. Colorado is a beautiful state. I was in Philly for the 2000 show & it was well-attended. I'd like to go next year.


Level 5

Congratulations on a great show and vacation.


Level 7

That sounds like a great trip. Everything seemed to work perfect. You got a chance a lot of us won't get. Good for you. Sounds like a trip you will never forget. There is so much to collecting than just coins. I realized that a few years after I started. You have a great start. Keep it up there is no telling how far one can go. Thanks for sharing your experience. It was great. Mike.


Level 6

It sounds like you had a good experience.

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