09 Jan 2017

i am almost done with my clad dime collection. i am only missing 5 coins not including the 2017 ones (including: 1973-D, 1974-D, 1989-D, 2009-D, and 2016-D) but i will still search the coin rolls for them.



Level 5

That is a sweet collection of dimes. Thanks for sharing!


Level 5

You must have them by now? Nice accomplishment. Save the set for years. A nice set of coins.


Level 5

Nice work! Looking good.


Level 5

the 2009s are really hard to find!


Level 7

I'm sorry I missed this. I don't know how. Well anyway I'm glad someone did I think it's great and I hope it's finished or close to it. Well done. Again sorry I missed it. Mike.


Level 6

Beautiful! They are all so shiny! : )


Level 5

Nice collection. Keep at and you will complete it.


Level 6

I found that 1973-dated dimes are hard to find in change. When I wrote of clad coinage years ago I learned this from checking rolls. Probably harder to find now.

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