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30 Jun 2022

Double Prutah of Felix?

Ancient Coins | user_9810

I have a coin from Antonius Felix, but it is larger and heavier than normal (17.46 mm; 3.87 gm). Is it just a larger planchet or is it a double prutah?



Level 5

No idea either. Neat find.


Level 2

It looks like a hand-chipped coin to me. I hope it turns out to be ancient or something like that because you don't see that every day. Good luck!

AC coin$

Level 6

Welcome to ANA World. We are here to help and learn from each other. That coin you show us, could be a rather historically tied to the movements of the Romans into Palestine. However it is my suggestion of an ancient Greco-Roman coin used in the Middle East and perhaps Southern Europe too. So, never give up on your search and path, hope will be with you, good luck. AC Coin$


Level 6

Very cool! But I don't have any idea. Maybe someone here can help or a local coin dealer. ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

I'm not familiar with these, so I won't speculate. Rather suggest a specialized book. The thrill of the research is often as enjoyable as the specimen it's self. Perhaps to take it along for you next coin show, a dealer in ancients would most likely have answers in a face to face manner.


Level 7

I would take it to a dealer. They would know or know someone who would. Lots of luck!


Level 6

No idea. I'm sure someone here can help you out. Good luck.

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