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18 May 2018

About that 2003 25C

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Well today was a memorial day as it took this long to get that 25c piece back from the grader...IN A BODY BAG!

This is why we send them out to be authenticated. The coin is real, it just was plated, which increased the weight and made it look as if it was silver. 

I am a bit disappointed, but I am happy that the system works. We need to know that we are not being scammed.  Life is good! 



Level 7

I feel bad they got you but we all learned from it thanks for the results and buy another one. Don't let it get you down. Mike.


Level 6

That happened to me...I got a Statehood quarter that looked silver, but it was plated. Not professionally graded


Level 6

Well, At least now you know what the quarter really is... That's one of the hardest things I think for collectors, is the waiting for a coin to come back from being graded. You have a really good attitude! Enjoyed your blog and photo's!!


Level 7

Sorry about the news but you could have saved time by weighing it next time you will get lucky and find a great coin. Sometimes I wait thirty days to get coins back. Once two months . I am rooting for you. Mike


Level 6

I must say you are taking what I would call bad news very well. Good for you. Glad you are happy with the grading system. Good lesson.. Thanks!

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