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27 Nov 2017

Club coin show this Dec 3rd

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This coming weekend, December 3rd is the club coin show in Brookpark , OH. my spouse and I are planning to attend. She is going to find some proof or mint state coins to give as gifts for Christmas. This may get those youths interested in numismatics.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

sounds like a great show, enjoy

I hope you enjoy the show and find the coins you and your wife are looking to buy. By the way, I looked up "Brookpark, Ohio" and couldn't find it. Then I looked up Brook Park, Ohio and found it just south of Cleveland.


Level 6

Sounds great. Maybe she will find something for you and vies verse. Let us know how it went please.


Level 6

Have fun shopping. Proof sets, mint sets, always make great gifts.

coin collector

Level 4

sounds fun


Level 6

That sounds like a great time! Hope she can find some good stuff! Have fun and enjoy yourselves. : )


Level 7

Good way to spread the word. Hope it works out for you both. Enjoy and have a good time. Mike.

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