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20 Nov 2018

Railroads Depicted on Coins and Currency

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Something I wrote many years ago but was true up until 1992 Happy Thanksgiving

Railroads Depicted on Coins and Currency 

CANADA has twice put trains on the reverse of Commemorative Silver Dollars through 1992.

The Trans-Canada Railway commemorative 1981 silver Dollar celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of Vancouver and the arrival of the first Trans-Canada train in Vancouver. Canadian Pacific Engine No. 371 was that train.

No U.S. coin has been minted, up to 1992, showing a train, but there have been several with wagons, boats, horses, and even a whale ridden by Neptune.

Trains are popular on our paper currency, considering the few changes made to the designs. These scenes are called "Vignettes".

Federal Reserve Notes of 1914, $10.00 and $20.00 bills ran for four (4) years. National Bank Notes of 1902, $50.00 bills, seem to have been printed in three issues but the trains ran from 1902 through 1908 on them.

Early State banks had a variety of rail scenes for example the 1860 Allegheny County Bank had an Ore car on the front of the $5.00 bill.

The American Bank Note Company has used rail-scene engravings for one hundred years, which are used on stock and bond certificates. These are some of the finest works of art and are sought after by collectors.



Level 5

I have had an old confederate note with a nice railroad on it. I sold it to pay for some more coins, but it was a treasure to have! Cheers, NM


Level 4

I never realized how common trains are on coins and currency until reading this! Thanks for sharing :) I really like trains and it's one of my other interests outside of numismatics.


Level 6

Trains are always popular. That battleship note Mike writes about is featured as a reprint my the BEP. It's all on the USA Mints site now. I want the real deal.. I have a couple train CSA notes. Fantastic. Thanks...


Level 6

Mexico had the ferrocarril coin. I've known a few railroad buffs who would like this

The railroad notes of antebellum America article in the Numismatist describe these depictions on currency.


Level 4

Do you remember the issue? I ned to check that out. Thanks

It's Mokie

Level 6

Trains are a pretty common motif in the world of currency. I think it is because, especially in the 19th century, they represented commerce, trade, and manufacturing acumen. Thanks for your research, I happen to Love Canadian Silver Dollars, they know how to put together a commemorative program.


Level 6

Topical collecting can be very rewarding and personal.


Level 7

Many of confederate notes and early American notes have railroads. There is even a note very pricey with a battleship on the back absolutely beautiful.

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