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08 Oct 2017

Quality of newer coins

Coins-United States | user_9894

Okay, I have been looking at some of the newer coins being produce in the U. S. and to tell you the truth, they are disappointing. The designs are terrible, flat and uninspiring. The Lincoln cent reverse is flat, the Jefferson Nickel is flat on the obverse and reverse and the state quarters are the same. They resemble toy tokens at best. The coins have none of the sculpturing of the past. Yes, I said past, are we to be dumbed down like the students coming out of high school? Quality doesn't count for anything? Script writing is old fashioned? No one left behind? These are the coming generations of "leaders" we will have to put up with? Are the universities turning out the type of people who can carry on the traditions of those who came before? Just look at the cars we drive today, they change the body style to attract the specific demographic that spends the most. The style of the cars being sold today has a lot to do with the computer games these kids are playing. Are our coins going to go the same way? This rant will be continued...

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