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11 Feb 2018

Today's Quarter RPMs

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Today I was setting up my digital camera, and downloading some software to get it working, and to test it I went and got a partial roll of silver quarters to see how it would work. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say that today it was around an 8. I need to work on the lighting next, to really bring out the varieties which can be found on our coins, The photos speak for themselves. Clearly you can see the repunched mint marks.

Also, included in that roll was a 1962 Proof Quarter! Too bad it had a scratch clear across the obverse.

On Friday I went to Half Priced Books and received 3 Wheat cents in change.

What a fun weekend!



Level 6

Great shots.. Cool change too!


Level 6

Very cool! Your pictures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Good pics. You can really see the detail.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

great pictures, thanks for sharing


Level 6

I wish I could take pictures like you.


Level 5

Awesome pictures.

Remarkable pics!


Level 7

Great shots and an excellent eye. Good for you. Thanks for sharing these with us it is appreciated .mike

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