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11 Jan 2018

Unbelievable score at coin show

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Went to coin show Jan 7th and scored 5 uncirculated Ike dollars (in blue envelope) for $5 per. I asked twice if that was the price and he answered yes. Wow! 1971S 40% silver.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

great pick up. those ikes are some of the best out there. they really look good in proof and silver types


Level 3

I look forward to learning enough so that I can know the difference of what is a good deal. I really enjoy these blogs and all the knowledge that is out there. One day....


Level 4

Thanks for the reply, I try to browse each table, look at more than what I have on my list. It is fun to hear the dealers stories and to see everyone having fun.


Level 5

Glad you had a fun time and got a deal! Congratulations!


Level 5

Nice pick up. Just in my opinion, and I could be wrong., I would have asked instead "How about all 5 for $20.00?" All he can say is no. It's fun to deal and is kind of expected at the shows. I've had many dealers say "Just take off x amount of the asking price." Never the less well done!!!

Congratulations! It's nice when you're surprised by a lower than expected price!

Mike Burns

Level 6

Nice pick up! Congratulations. Keep it up you will do fine. Mike.


Level 5

You got a deal! Nice going!


Level 5

Congratulations! Bargains are out there. Just have to be in the right place at the right time.