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20 Jan 2015

New Error Coin!!

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New Error Coin!!

Grade: MS-65 BN

USA Jefferson Nickel struck on a Lincoln Cent Planchet
(Possible Date: 1944-1982)

This particular Error, a Wrong Planchet Error, is caused by the US Mint practice of using the same machines to make different coins from day to day. In this case, a penny planchet has found its way into a coining machine designated that day to make Jefferson Nickels. I can date this error based on the weight of the planchet, 3.1 grams bronze.

The Jefferson Nickel, used from 1938 to 2003, was originally designed by Felix Oscar Schlag in 1938. The design was chosen by then US Mint Director Nellie Tayloe Ross by way of a contest; Schlag won $1,000 for the use of his design, which he used for his wife's funeral.



Level 7

That's great. It's now 2017. I hope your still here . They have made so many new mistakes y o u can't count them. That is a great one you have.


Level 5

cool coin! wish I could find some


Level 5

Very nice find!


Level 5

Nice find.

Ian Fenn

Level 5

thanks for sharing

Dollar Guy

Level 5

I am not identified as an error collector but I have acquired about a dozen errors and an advertisement error piece. My errors mostly are off center peices and and the advertisemnt error is a Fred Weinberg Business token as a off center morgan dollar - which i might add is used by me as a ball mark when i play golf. Its wron to the brass in plces because of its pocket residence. I told Fred about it and showed him the peice which he promptly replaced with a new one for my collection. Thanks Fred!


Level 4

Those are pretty cool.




Level 5

Do you collect errors in particular, including third-party errors?


Level 5



Level 5



Level 6

That is very cool! I love error coins! Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Nice coin and great info. Congrats!!


Level 5

Very cool. some day I will own a wrong planchet error.

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