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17 Dec 2014

Surprise! NGC Slab Errors!

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Hi all,

Just wanted to show everyone some of the more interesting examples from my errors collections. These are especially interesting in that they represent errors made by NGC itself. Though NGC prides itself on producing an exceptional product, occasionally these errors do slip by quality control. Hope you enjoy them.

NGC Error 1: Clashed Die Roosevelt Dime, 1964 D
Mislabeled as a Penny (1C instead of 10C)

NGC Error 2: 1 Kreuzer, Holy Roman Empire, Maximilian I (1490-1519)
Maximilian is misspelled as Maximillian



Level 7

Well you sir have a great eye! Those are some remarkable coins. You know last year they found another variety with the 1964 dime. Double die obverse on his face. Something like the Kennedy half the hole side of his face and you don't need an eye piece to see it. That would be a nice pickup for you with the other dime. Mike.


Level 5

I laugh at these, they are cool too!


Level 5

Certainly errors no one expects too see! Great finds for your collection!


Level 4

I love errors.

Nice errors!


Level 5

That is so cool!


Level 5

You have an error coin in an error slab. Now you need to have another slab mark both.

Good Idea. NGC actually has a cross-over grading service to grade coins already in PCGS Slabs, but since the one I have is already in an NGC holder, I would have to see if PCGS has the same service lol.


Level 4

This is a neat little area you've found to collect. It's great because it is both challenging and can be inexpensive if you want. All the TPGs make errors on slabs (some more than others!) so there are lots of possibilities. Thanks for sharing!

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