Current Issue of ANA Journal Features Groundbreaking Research

November 8, 2006 By ekr

Current Issue of ANA Journal Features Groundbreaking Research

Research published for the first time in the Fall 2006 ANA Journal concludes that common, proof reverse dies were used for all denominations of proof coinage in the mid-1800s. 

The landmark study, “An Era of Change: Proof-Only Reverse Dies of the 1840s Used for All Denominations,” by noted numismatist John W. Dannreuther, is the result of more than 20 years of research after Dannreuther first formulated his hypothesis. 

“As early as the 1970s, I was almost certain that the Mint changed its practice in 1840 and began to holdover proof-only reverse dies for all denominations,” said Dannreuther. “Proving it, of course, was a different story. The rarity of nearly all the proof coins of the 1840s made this a daunting task. Piece by piece, the puzzle begin to fit together. As the sales of several great collections appeared during the ensuing years, more denominations were confirmed.” 

The fall issue of ANA Journal also features papers delivered at the Maynard Sundman/Littleton Coin Company Lecture Series in Denver on Aug. 17. Joaquín Montero, Ph.D. discusses “The Coinage of Alexander the Great and His Image on Currency”; James Benjamin, Ph.D. and Barbaranne Benjamin, Ph.D. address “Visual Rhetoric in the U.S. Bicentennial Quarter”; and Roger W. Burdette considers “American Advocates: Changing the Course of National Coinage Design.” 

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Originally Release Date: November 8, 2006
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