“Discover America!” celebration planned for ANA National Coin Week 2000

November 16, 1999 By ekr

“Discover America!” celebration planned for ANA National Coin Week 2000
Discovering America through the nation’s coins is the central theme for the 77th observance of the American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) National Coin Week, April 16-22, 2000.

“The continuation of the commemorative quarter program by the United States Mint and the new Sacagawea dollar coin offer golden opportunities to discover America’s tales behind the coins,” says ANA Education Director Gail Baker. “National Coin Week presents a special time to introduce numismatics to the public, showing everyone how they can hold history in their hands.”

In the second year of its 50 State Quarters Program, the mint will issue 25 cent pieces with reverse designs commemorating five states. The 10 year program will recognize each of the 50 states with a special design on the reverse of the quarter. The Mint estimates that by the end of this year, 160 million Americans will be actively collecting the state quarters from pocket change. 

Also debuting in early 2000 and expected to stimulate collector interest is the gold-colored dollar featuring Sacagawea, the Native American who helped the Lewis & Clark Expedition in 1803.

“This year’s National Coin Week theme again demonstrates how the study of coins can help unlock an understanding of history, sociology, archaeology, political science, economics, language and so much more,” Baker says. “The fun of collecting can begin with the change in your pocket.”

Among the activities collectors can do during National Coin Week are:
  1. Setup an exhibit of United States quarter dollar on dollar coins, old and new in a library, bank or school.
  2. Present a talk on the legends and lore behind each state’s quarter design.
  3. Work with local banks to encourage the distribution of the state commemorative quarters, dollar coins and unusual coins to bank customers. 

To encourage clubs and individual members to prepare exhibits for banks, shopping centers, libraries and other public venues during National Coin Week, the ANA has established a new exhibit award to be presented for such displays mounted at the Association’s National Money Show in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., Mar. 3-5, 2000. The exhibits will be judged on their educational content.

The ANA is also offering full scholarships to a future Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs to the coin club and the collector who submit a report of the best and most innovative way in which they promoted National Coin Week.

Entires for National Coin Week 2000 awards must be recieved by the ANA on or before May 31, 2000. Awards will be presented at the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia, Pa., August 11-15.

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