eBay auction hopes to raise building funds for the ANA

June 13, 2001 By ekr

eBay auction hopes to raise building funds for the ANA

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) is posting an auction on eBayâ„¢ to raise additional funds for the Museum/Library renovation project.

The ANA has gathered a variety of material in the hopes that an auction will catch collectors’ interest and force them to dig deep into their pockets for items they cannot pass up. The auction will feature donated rare coins, paper money, tokens, medals, books and other numismatic material. All proceeds raised from the eBayâ„¢ auction will go to the “Target 2001” building fund drive.

The ANA has gone all out for this event by choosing one of the Internet’s largest auction companies, eBayâ„¢ Inc., on which to hold its auction. EBay is a widely visited web site – just what the ANA is looking for to raise money. This spectacular event, scheduled from June 11 to 21, is something no collector or hobbyist should pass up.

The ANA has gone to great lengths to raise $3 million to renovate its Museum and Library in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Though the fund-raising has been slow, ANA Executive Director Edward C. Rochette remains optimistic and says, “We are still looking forward to a preview showing of the Museum and Library on July 14, despite the lacking funds.” Upon re-opening, 
the remodeled ANA Money Museum and Library will stimulate visitors’ interest in numismatics with intriguing windows on the worlds of history, art, geography, religion, economics, sociology and architecture. In addition, the ANA web site (www.money.org) will feature virtual exhibits based on the ever-changing displays in the museum.

To access the e-Bay auction along with more information about ANA “Target 2001,” visit www.anatarget2001.org.

Originally Release Date: June 13, 2001
ANA Contacts:  Phone: 719-482-9872
                             Email: pr@money.org
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