Eliasberg 1927-D Double Eagle Exhibit at ANA Denver Convention

May 26, 2006 By ekr

Eliasberg 1927-D Double Eagle Exhibit at ANA Denver Convention

(Colorado Springs, CO) – The famous Eliasberg specimen 1927-D Double Eagle will have a “homecoming” in Denver, Colorado when it is exhibited during the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money-® convention, August 16 -19, 2006.

Announcement of the exhibit, sponsored by North American Certified Trading of Irvine, California, is the first in a series of announcements from the ANA about major educational displays planned for the summer convention.

“The 1927-D Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is the Denver Mint’s rarest coin, and the rarest issued 20th century U.S. gold coin,” said Doug Mudd, ANA Curator of Exhibitions. “Only about a dozen surviving examples are known from 180,000 $20 denomination gold pieces struck for circulation at the Denver Mint in 1927, and the Eliasberg specimen is believed to be the finest known.

The coin is graded MS-66 by Professional Coin Grading Service, and is owned by an anonymous East Coast collector who purchased it for nearly $2 million earlier this year, according to Andrew Glassman, President of North American Certified Trading.

The coin earlier was owned for decades by Baltimore, Maryland banker, Louis E. Eliasberg Sr. (1896 – 1976), the only person to ever assemble a complete collection of United States coins. Selected items from his fabled collection, including this coin, were displayed at the Philadelphia Mint as part of the Bicentennial celebration.

In addition to its pedigree from the legendary Eliasberg Collection, the coin also was previously owned by another prominent collector, Fred C.C. Boyd, a mid-20th century New York City news media executive.

“The 1927-D Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is widely regarded as the rarest regular-issue 20th century United States gold coin that can be owned legally. Federal records indicate the Denver Mint struck 180,000 Double Eagles in 1927, but the Great Depression resulted in most of those being melted,” said Mudd.

“In order to help alleviate the effects of this financial crisis in American history, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued the Gold Recall Act in March of 1933. By the terms of this act, the President demonetized all further gold releases by the United States Mint. Those coins still on hand at that time, including almost the entire mintage of the 1927-D Double Eagle, were destroyed.”

In his reference book, “A Handbook of 20th Century United States Gold Coins, 1907 – 1933,” author David Akers stated: “It is difficult to pick out one piece as the ‘finest;’ but that accolade most likely should go to the Eliasberg specimen.”

Writing in 1988, Akers estimated just 12 to15 surviving pieces, and in 2004 Q. David Bowers estimated approximately 15 survivors. Two of the coins are held by The Smithsonian Institution.

Information will be released in coming weeks about other major, educational exhibits planned for the ANA World’s Fair of Money® convention in the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, August 16 – 19, 2006. The convention will be open to the public, and admission will be free.

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