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American Numismatic Association member Dennis Schafluetzel received the Steven J. D’Ippolito Best-in-Show Exhibit and the People’s Choice awards for his exhibit, “Railroad & River Hub Gives Rise to Bank of Chattanooga,” at the 2013 National Money ShowSM, May 9-11 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


At the World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia last year, Schafluetzel’s exhibit took runner-up for the Best-of-Show Award. That version of the exhibit featured seven cases of pre-Civil War obsolete notes from the Bank of Chattanooga. For this year’s exhibit, he added seven cases of Chattanooga notes used during the Civil War (For an in-depth article on pre-Civil War notes issued by the Bank of Chattanooga, see the May edition of The Numismatist,pages 43-48).


“One factor I think people liked about the exhibit is that I have an antique train that runs though the entire exhibit with about 10-12 cars from the historic Western and Atlantic Railroad,” Schafluetzel said. “What I find most fascinating about this exhibit is the bank notes are beautiful, especially the pre-Civil War notes.”


The second place Best-in-Show award was presented to Dr. Sunil Richardson for “Travancore Chuckram Coin Counting Boards – An Unique Numismatic History.” Third place also went to Richardson for his exhibit, “2000 Years of Bull/Cow on South Indian Coinage – Holy Cow!”


The National Coin Week Award was presented to Marilyn Reback for her exhibit “Disney Dollars: A Magical World of Scrip.” Reback, a National Volunteer and  former senior editor for The Numismatist, will receive a full scholarship to a future ANA Summer Seminar, an award endowed by John Albanese. Second place was awarded to Richard Jozefiak for “Collecting For Free: The Shell Company’s Presidential Medals Set.” Third place went to “Black Diamond … Shines Again” by Ralph W. Ross.


National Coin Week exhibits are intended for display in public areas, such as libraries and schools. The items used in these exhibits is limited to a total of $250. 


Awards were presented in six classes. This year, 17 competitive and non-competitive exhibits were displayed in the Collector Exhibits area.


Class winners include:


Class 1: History & Politics

First Place: Brett Irick, “National Banks of Mount Gilead, Ohio”

Second Place: Richard Jozefiak, “Collecting For Free: The Shell Company’s Presidential Medals Set”

Third Place: No exhibit


Class 2: Economics

First Place: John Wilson, “Milwaukee Baby Bonds”

Second Place: Marie Therese Schafluetzel, “City of Chattanooga Paper Money”

Third Place: Marilyn Reback, “Disney Dollars: A Magical World of Scrip”


Class 3: Geography

First Place: Dennis Schafluetzel, “Railroad & River Hub Gives Rise to Bank of Chattanooga”

Second Place: Nancy J. Wilson, “Ecuador Specimen Set Series of 1928”

Third Place: Cindy Wibker, “Pre-1960 Mardi Gras Badges, Medals & Pins


Class 4: Common Element

First Place: Dr. Sunil Richardson, “2000 Years of Bull/Cow on South Indian Coinage – Holy Cow!”

Second Place: Simcha Laib Kuritzky, “Henrietta Szold: A Humanitarian of ‘Note'”

Third Place: Ralph W. Ross, “Black Diamond…Shines Again”


Class 5: The Arts

First Place: Simcha Laib Kuritzky, “Engraved Coins of the Ba’al Shem Tov Amulet”

Second Place: Lawrence Baber, “H. Alvin Sharpe”

Third Place: Gerald R. Williams, “The…Arts: Numismatic Contribution of the Cooper Union”


Class 6: Science           

First Place: Dr. Sunil Richardson, “Travancore Chuckram Coin Counting Boards – An Unique Numismatic History”

Second Place: Thomas J. Uram, “Morse Code on Money”

Third Place: Richard Jozefiak, “Creating the Madison County Coin Club 10th Anniversary/100th Meeting Three Medal Set”


The application deadline is June 21 to exhibit at the 2013 ANA World’s Fair of MoneySM, which will be held August 13-17 in Chicago. For an application or for more information, call 719-482-9849, email exhibits@money.org, or go to WorldsFairOfMoney.com

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