Exhibitors Honored at Los Angeles World’s Fair of Money

August 13, 2009 By ekr

Exhibitors Honored at Los Angeles World’s Fair of Money 

The American Numismatic Association presented 61 competitive exhibit awards at the 2009 World’s Fair of Money® in Los Angeles. Winners were announced at the Exhibit Awards Presentation and Reception on Aug. 8. 

Forty-six exhibitors of all ages and experience levels, showing 81 displays, competed in this year’s program. There also were 11 non-competitive exhibitors showing 13 exhibits. Christopher Marchase received the Howland Wood Memorial Award for Best-in-Show for his exhibit, 

“The Personal Coinage of Joseph Lesher.” The Radford Stearns Memorial Award for Excellence in Exhibiting, presented to the first and second runners-up, was awarded, respectively, to Jeff Shevlin for “The 1894 California Midwinter Exposition So-Called Dollars” and Lawrence Baber for “Swedish Plate Money.” 

Marchase also won the Thos. H. Law Award for First-Time Exhibitors for “The Personal Coinage of Joseph Lesher.” The Rodger E. Hershey Memorial People’s Choice Award, selected by convention attendees, was given to Oded Paz for “The Elongated Coins of the Los Angeles Zoo.” Zachary Beier received the Derek Pobjoy Award for Best Exhibit of Modern Circulating Commemorative Coins for “First to Last: The 50 State Quarters Program.” 

The ANA also presented competitive exhibit awards for young numismatists (YN) age 17 and younger. The Charles H. Wolfe Sr. Memorial Award for YN Best-in-Show exhibit was presented to William Robins for “French Coins of the Revolution and Napoleonic Era.” Robins’ exhibit also received the inaugural Ira & Larry Goldberg Award for Best Exhibit of Coins that Made History. Simcha Kuritzky received the Joseph E. Boling Award for Judging Excellence. 

The following class exhibit awards were presented: 

Class 1: United States Coins – Lelan G. Rogers Memorial
First Place – Carl Waltz Jr., “Lincoln Cents of 1909” 
Second Place – Thomas Uram, “The Historically Significant Two Cent Piece, 1864-1873” 
Third Place – James H. Goudge, “Connecticut Coppers Arranged by Breen Numbers” 

Class 2: United States Fiscal Paper – Sidney W. Smith/William Donlon Memorial
First Place – John Grost, “A Type Set of Philippine Money Printed by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing (1903-49)” 
Second Place – Phil Iversen, “Huntington Hotel Depression Scrip” 
Third Place – Clark Fogg, “Dye-Pack Currency” 

Class 3: Medals, Orders, Decorations and Badges – Burton Saxton/George Bauer Memorial 
First Place – Jeff Shevlin, “The 1894 California Midwinter Exposition So-Called Dollars” 
Second Place – Robert Mayer, “Woods of the 1876 U.S. Centennial” 
Third Place – Adam Rohloff, “The First Army Campaign Medals of the U.S. Mint”

Class 4: Modern U.S. Coins and Modern Medals – American Numismatic Association
First Place – Steven Middleton, “The Making of a Terence Cardinal Cooke Medal” 
Second Place – William Myers, “AAFES POGs” 
Third Place – Zachary Beier, “First to Last: The 50 State Quarters Program” 

Class 5: Tokens – B.P. Wright Memorial
First Place – Christopher Marchase, “The Personal Coinage of Joseph Lesher” 
Second Place – Phil Iversen, “A Set of Bingle Tokens” 
Third Place – Robert Rhue, “John Thomas Waterhouse Importer: Issuer of the First Hawaiian Token” 

Class 6: Casino Chips and Gaming Tokens – Archie A. Black
No exhibits 

Class 7: Engraved Coins – Love Token Society
First Place – Steven Middleton, “Engraved Columbian Halves” 
Second Place – Simcha Kuritzky, “A Zulu Love Token” 
Third Place – None 

Class 8: Elongated Coins – Dottie Dow Memorial
First Place – Oded Paz, “The Elongated Coins of the Los Angeles Zoo” 
Second Place – Don Berry, “Brazzell’s Elongated States” 
Third Place – Zachary Beier, “Making Your Money Stretch” 

Class 9: Coins Issued Prior to 1500 A.D. – Dr. Charles W. Crowe Memorial
First Place – None 
Second Place – Zachary Beier, “Your Passport to the Past: The David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project” 
Third Place – None 

Class 10: Regional U.S. Numismatics – William C. Henderson/Fred Cihon Memorial
First Place – John Grost, “El Paso, Texas: Money, Medals and Miscellaneous” 
Second Place – James Hunt, “California’s Gold Rush Era Money” 
Third Place – Robert Rhue, “Hawaii Statehood Medal Set in Gold, Silver, and Copper, Plus Corresponding 5-piece Die Trial Set” 

Class 11: Numismatics of the Americas – Henry Christensen/John Jay Pittman Sr. Memorial
First Place – Brett Irick, “Canadian Fifty-Cent Coins: 1947-1948” 
Second Place – Nancy Wilson, “Ecuador Specimen Set – Series of 1928” 
Third Place – Michael Ontko, “There Lies Peru and Its Riches: Selections from the Decimal Coinage of Peru, 1858-1922” 

Class 12: Numismatics of Europe – John S. Davenport Memorial
First Place – Lawrence Baber, “Swedish Plate Money” 
Second Place – Ken Spindler, “Token Coinage from the French Revolution, 1791-92” 
Third Place – William Robins, “French Coins of the Revolution and Napoleonic Era” 

Class 13: Numismatics of Africa and the Middle East – Menachem Chaim and Simcha Tova Mizel Memorial 
First Place – Anthony Tumonis, “Currency Issued at the Siege of Mafeking” 
Second Place – Michael Ontko, “Pleasing Prospects and Vile Men: A Tour of the Coinage of the Portuguese Colonies” 
Third Place – None 

Class 14: Numismatics of Asia and the Pacific – William B. Warden, Jr. Memorial
First Place – Ken Spindler, ““Cash” Coins of China: From the Reign of Emperor Xianfeng (Wenzong), 1851-1861” 
Second Place – Ken Spindler, “Rupees of the Raj” 
Third Place – William Myers, “Afghanistan Ivana Chits”

Class 15: Gold Coins – Gaston DiBello/Melvin and Leona Kohl Memorial
First Place – Brett Irick, “The Golden Age of United States Coins, 1795-1933” 
Second Place – Michael Ontko, “A Mintmark Set of Mexican Gold Half Escudos, 1825-1870” 
Third Place – Phil Iversen, “Portrait of a Princess” 

Class 16: Numismatic Errors and Error Varieties – Numismatic Error Collectors
First Place – Gerald Kochel, “The Half Cent Clip Clock” 
Second Place – None 
Third Place – None 

Class 17: Numismatic Literature – Aaron Feldman Memorial
No exhibits 

Class 18: General, Specialized, and Topical – Robert Hendershott Memorial
First Place – Jim Wells, “Gilbert Stuart’s Brief Brushes with Numismatics” 
Second Place – Simcha Kuritzky, “Feline Species Type Set” 
Third place – Steven Middleton, “Guatemalan Coin Novelties” 

Class 19: Convention Theme – Clifford Mishler
First Place – Simcha Kuritzky, “A Set of Gold Dutch-Israeli Fantasy Coins” 
Second Place – Gerald Grzenda, “From the Waters’ Depths: Shipwreck Gold” 
Third Place – None 


Class Y1: United States Coins – Edgerton-Lenker Memorial
First Place – Cole Schenewerk, “The Lincoln Cent: A Century of Change” 
Second Place – Torrey Schenewerk, “A Peace of the Past” 
Third Place – Cole Schenewerk, “The Early American Copper Project” 

Class Y2: World Coins – James L. Betton Memorial
First Place – William Robins, “French Coins of the Revolution and Napoleonic Era” 
Second Place – Simon Beier, “Cruise Adventure…Creatures of the Sea” 
Third Place – Anna Heinrich, “Australian Lunar Silver Bullion Coins” 

Class Y3: Paper Money – Kagin Family
First Place – Josh Wadsworth, “It’s All About the Numbers on U.S. Small-Sized Paper Money” 
Second Place – None 
Third Place – None 

Class Y4: Israeli or Judaic – Melissa Van Grover Memorial
First Place – Jake Hutto, “The Old in the New: Coins from the Holy Land” 
Second Place – None 
Third Place – None 

Class Y5: Medals and Tokens – Charles “Cheech” Litman Memorial
First Place – Jake Hutto, “World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 Tokens” 
Second Place – Jake Hutto, “Lewis and Clark Return!” 
Third Place – None 

Class Y6: Medieval and Ancient – Charles H. Wolfe Sr. Memorial
No exhibits 

Class Y7: Errors and Varieties – Alan Herbert
No exhibits 

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