A Nice Report from the Last PAN Convention

Hi All,The Harrisburg, PA coin club attended our last Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists show in May and filmed a lot of the goings on.  It is a well produced video and worth a look, the first thirty minutes is about the PAN show and the last 20 minutes, which you can skip if you want, is just a discussion of their own upcoming show in September.   The only slow part is the interview with the ANACS rep at the show, he seemed very bothered and provided very little information of value.  That is strange to me as I actually dealt with him as a customer that same day and he seemed very friendly and accommodating to me.  In any event, I hope he watches this and sees how poorly he came across.  The video can be viewed here:


I am not a member of the Harrisburg Coin Club

Enjoy, Mokie

28 days ago

I viewed it and enjoyed it very much.and it wasn't to long. To see the kids enjoying themselves was fun. They had a great time. I recommend you take a look see. I think you will enjoy it. Thanks.

27 days ago

My favorite is the PAN Kid Zone.. Yes, I am a member. Those kids love it..Thanks

24 days ago

I think the guy from anacs was the C.E.O. That's the way there reps great you.

24 days ago

One of our bloggers recently donated a whole bunch of Copper 1 Ounce Rounds for the PAN Kid Zone.  There are enough to give every Kid a Copper Round with either a Buffalo Nickel design or a 1933 St Gaudens Double Eagle design.   TY Mr. B.!!!!

24 days ago

No, the ANACS rep was just a table rep who attends the shows in NY, OH, and PA region.  Again, he was very friendly and courteous to me, I wonder why he was so dour during his interview, no enthusiasm and did not even appear to care at all.   He will be attending the Harrisburg show manning the ANACS table.   I hope he has a better time.  

24 days ago

My wife wants a St. very bad. Maybe I can get her one of those. Not really dear.. Thanks Mr. B...

24 days ago
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