Austin, Texas: Capital City Coin Club

Founded over 40 years ago, we are new to the ANA. We have about 30 members, and about half of us show up at each meeting. Our collecting interests are fairly broad, but not at all surprising. Most people are interested in US federal type, especially from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. That said, four of us pursue ancients. We have at least two who are active - I say "assertive" - for US federal paper money. (It is amazing what you can see, if you just look, perhaps an observation famous to Yogi Berra.) 

We developed a format for our meetings to meet the interests of the club. The officers also meet for late lunches once or twice a month on the weekend, just to shepherd the club business along.) At a typical meeting, we dispense with the minutes and get into the presentations. 

We have "treasure hunt" challenges. Can you assemble a Jefferson Nickel type set from change? A Lincoln Cent type set? All 12 Federal Reserves on $1 bills? Who found the oldest coin this month? The oldest banknote?

We have "show and tell."  Everyone has their interests, and, everyone collects "everything" really. So, you never know who will bring what.

We have an expert presentation, usually by a club member, occasionally by a guest.

Twice a year, we have a grading night.

Mike Marotta

7 years ago

Hi. I've reached out a couple times via website. I'd like to get more involved. Can you please have someone emails me? josh@swcoins.com

6 years ago

Our next meeting will be October 6, 2017, at 6:30 PM at the Yarborough Branch Library.  The meeting topic will be 


Gold, silver, copper, nickel.... coins come in many metals. In fact, over a dozen common metals have been used: platinum, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead... and then there are the alloys...  But what about truly exotic elements such as erbium, terbium, and selenium?

Join us on Oct. 6 at 6:30 PM at the Yarborough Branch Library as our stalwart scientist Kurt B guides us through his collection in pursuit of the periodic table.

When the ANA met in Dallas last spring, large posters of a Numismatic Periodic Table of Elements were a quiet seller, promising to be as rare as a dysprosium dime.  Now, PCGS sells them on Amazon. Did that make the first edition prints more valuable? We will have a poster on display as our roadmap to rhenium, rhodium, hafnium, and holmium. 

Daniel Radcliffe sings Tom Lehrer's "Elements Song" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1TfPDlA1xE
This animation may help   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b2Uy1TDAl4

6 years ago

Mike it's always good to here from you. Always have good information for us. Your lucky you have such a good club. Were I live there are none. Two million five hundred thousand people and no clubs. The sad part Mike is I'm not alone. There are hundreds of places without them and thousands of collector's. I just wish there was one close by. I don't have the answers. There are collector's in my neighborhood. But no one wants to be bothered. That's a shame. Well enjoy your meetings they sound very exciting. Mike. Any good books out?

6 years ago
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