Hello everyone! I am inviting you to join the IAYC, a coin club on Discord for Young Numismatists. (You have to be in the age range 5 - 17, though we sometimes let some people who are slightly over the age range in) It is free, and it's mostly for talking with other YNs about our shared interest, numismatics. The club meets on discord, so you will need an account with them to join. But to create an account on Discord is also free, so you shouldn't have any problems. 

Right now we have almost 50 members, including BigNubNumismatics, Oobie, ClassicalNumismatist, Antek, CoinHunter, and NumisMaster. If you would like to join, shoot me a DM and I will get you set up

15 days ago

5-17? Its 10-23. 

11 days ago

The age range of YNs on the ANA is 5 to 17, so I thought it was the same for the IAYC

11 days ago

The IAYC IS pretty great!

11 days ago
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