Help needed for planned EBook Series

Hi everyone,
First time poster here. I am the creator and maintainer of the Medallic Art Collector website and recently started working on a series of eBooks about 20th Century American Medallic Art.
There will be two lines in the series:
   1. Artists of 20th Century American Medallic Art   2. Topics of 20th Century American Medallic Art
The first book will come out this year and will be in the "Artists" series. It will be about Laura Gardin Fraser's medallic works. Already in the works are her husband, James Earle Fraser, Paul Manship, and Rene Chambellan.  
In the Topics series I am already working on a book about Calendar medals. 
I need everyone's assistance to pull this off. If you have a rare medal by any of these artists, or if you have unique material or knowledge about them, please send me images, links, resources. 
Anyone who contributes something that ends up in the book will receive a free copy of the book and a formal acknowledgment as well.  
You can reach me directly via email at pianola_duet_0a@icloud.com.
Thanks in advance to everyone willing to help!

2 months ago
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