Colorized ASE. N.B.A.

Hi everyone. I see the mint has released two basketball coins. One is a half dollar. The coin is the color of the ball it's a half dollar for 55.00. Now there is a second one . It is a dollar. It is described as colorized. Now the picture shown it has a red rim. It doesn't say it the basketball is brown. That one is 95.00. Can someone tell me what's going on!  Shouldn't the silver coin be Brown . The half should be the one with the red rim for 55.00 . It doesn't make sence. But we're talking about the mint!. 

29 days ago

It's just another ploy to make more money. I don't like colorized coins at all, and I don't know why they are so expensive.

28 days ago

It's absolutely backwards. The colored coin should be the Brown coin one dollar 95.00 the  clad should be the red rim for 55.00 does anyone see this. The 95. Dollar price is ridicules. That's nuts when it gets to the retail !we met 300.00 . They also said there are different types of these making it more confusing. Satin. Coins that were at the ceramony. I think they need a shrink. They have lost it. 500 with an autogrph. They did it . There going out with a bang. Not this guy. Beside the kids.don't know these players!! . There from the 1960's and 1970's. Another shortage of different coins. They should be ashamed.

28 days ago
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