Mike Conder Tokens

This is a warning ! We all know the dangers of buying raw on ebay. But there are good sellers also. Now I collect all coins tokens and medals. I just went through the Conder tokens. More and more are showing up orange. THERE ARE NO ORANGE CENTS OR TOKENS . They adjust the light to make them look very appealing I asked a seller were did you find the Orange token. He said it's dark brown. I said then put that there. No So you think your getting a great token but when you get it you can't see the detail. Please be careful Do not buy any orange tokens or cents cleaned cents sometimes turn orange. He very careful. Mike


8 days ago

As Mike stated, online coin purchases are definitely buyer beware on Ebay or any sites where you choose your coin without actually seeing it in decent light and with your loupe.  Local dealers and Coin Shows are probably your best bet unless your online seller has an excellent reputation and will accept returns in a reasonable manner.

7 days ago

Thanks for the back up. Young kids see the and say wow look at the condition. There the future and if they need to know something we should tell them. Thanks again for the back up. Mike

7 days ago

Have to be careful buying on eBay. Make sure the seller has good feedback.

7 days ago

I'd never buy a coin sight unseen.

6 days ago
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