Native American and Currency Set

Hi well the mint is still trying to get kids to collect. Not with this set. For 15.00 didn't sell out. Then lifted the two per house to buy them all. I bought one for my sons girlfriend son. The dollar was at an angle causing the currency to be bent in two corners and they don't move. EBay they won't even show the currency on most of them two you can see where the currency has moved and is stuck. So I say keep up the good work. It would of made a nice set for kids and adults but only if they were made somewhere else. Quality control is absolutely terrible. Look at the cents . All MS 69 a handful of 70. Thanks again . The quarter program is that still go in on? I give up.

23 days ago

Well, they gigged me. I bought a set. I kind of like it. It is the only Apollo thing I will have. I say they lifted the limit a couple of days ago, I think. No sense having this set graded.Just as well. No one at NGC and PMG seemed to know how to fill out their "simple" form. I'l just enjoy what I have.

21 days ago

They did the same with my 2015 set, screwed up the placement of the Dollar Bill. 

21 days ago
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