Price of Gold You won't Believe

I buy P.AM.P gold. It comes in grams or ounces. Anytime I have an extra few bucks I will buy a gram or five or 2.5. Grams. Always buy from a good firm. I buy mine from JB Bullion. All my gold tested fine. Never a problem. I saw an add for 2.5 grams for 176.00. Mike Muzak. The seller of coins that look like ours Morgan's Peace dollars now fractional set of our American Eagle he sells a 2.5 gram of gold for 276..00. What a rip off . Now the Morgan's were made in Fiji . its on the label. The reverse says Fiji in large letters on the back with the coat of alms. He has been trying to sell this junk. Its good for melt. The fractional sets have the old eagle on the reverse. And our American Liberty on the obverse.. He has a six coin set  with our mint marks on them. P!ease stay away from this snake oil salesman. I contacted the FIJI mint and asked them to leave our historic coins to us. I also send an email to Mr Muzak every weekend. I tape the shows Sat. Morning from 4a.m. to 7.a.m. Sunday the same. This is what the four am is for. I also contacted the Mint. I told them He's using our mints and figures on FiJI coins. This is a crime. They are not legal tender and will not be on any price list. He wants 400 for the fractional coins and 1,119.00 for the six coin set. Save your money. Pass the word. He also has been trying to sell these since September. I suggest he move to Fiji. Our coins made him his money now he's cheating us and he knocks the mint when he can.  The show is on channel 40. The history Channel.buyer beware!

1 month ago

It is always good to buy a little gold!

25 days ago
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