Sinve This Virus Has Your Habit of Collecting Changed?

Hi i hope all of you are doing well. Mine have. I stay with the tokens every else.is out. I dont know.if i should write a blog or not. So i decided to write this . Somenone wrote that NGC is backed up. They put a group of graders together your turn around is one week that bothers me . They also will give a small refund. That really scares me. I was going to send in 24 high grade tokns. I cant see some one who grades bullion grading my tokens. There complicaded and to some one who never graded them they wont even find them. So i will stick this out so will my tokens until i know.that section is working. I will call and find out. I dont feel like doing much of anything. I hpoe this feeling breaks..

7 months ago

You make an interesting and valid point about the possibility of calling in "second string" graders to grade something outside of their expertise. If I were about to submit anything I'd wait it out until all of this passes, just on the reality of backlogged submissions.

7 months ago
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