So Are You Excited With The New American Eagle?

Like I said I'm up there in age. I have never sold a coin . I would rather give them away. I'm looking forward to this. But I'm also  very nervious. This coin will represent our country. The most coin sold anywhere. I know the obverse . It's the reverse I'm worried about. The ASE represents the strength of our country. The dynamics of our country.The people most of all. The new reverse must also do this. The designers as you have seen are very conservative. This worries me. I received an email for six days about the woman's new commen. I mean that's the best they can do. This is why I'm worried. Imagine 30 years of an eagle a mighty bird who is one of our stranded bearers looking like a soup chicken. I hope and pray they think outside the box and gives us a coin that says this is America and were proud of it. I will not see the end of this series. But expect sub sets anniversary coins all sorts of finishes. I hope there work is worth it.

25 days ago

I agree with you...Our coins designs represent our country. Sometimes designs need to be changes but like you, I dont care for the reverse design..It seems to me that since the age of the computer designs have become cold and have lost the feeling of being designed by hand as in the past...I've been collecting for 41 years and I rarely buy modern coins...mostly pre 64

25 days ago
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