In need of an explanation on coin values

Hello All;
This question is right from a beginner, I'm following the advice about learning before I buy, as I have read in the books I'm using to gain some education. Even though I'm feeling the thrill of wanting to go to a show and buy my first coins, i just don't feel ready.

So, I've bought a sample of the CDN grey sheets and I have the Red-book and also have reviewed the many coin value sites on line.

Although there is some confusion that I am trying to sort out with the grey sheets and the different conflicting values on the different sheets, and i need a simple beginners explanation, so that I can understand value better. For example; a Braided Hair 1849 1/2 cent.

Grey sheet 'newsletter' values a MS64 RB at $600.00
Grey sheet 'Quarterly I' values a MS64 RB at $750.00
Blue sheet values a MS64 RB at $520.00

Trying to determine a value but confused with the price differences.


6 years ago

I am not sure but let me see if I can guess. The grehshert as I have hear of it is a coin price guide for wholesale market prices. In contrast, the blue sheet is for slabbed coins.

6 years ago

if you find a coin for a price in between the three suggested prices, i guess it is good but wait for some others to comment bcuz they might know better

6 years ago

when you buy coins how do you determine their value.

6 years ago

I like the Redbook. Most people go with that. I don't use online price's. The other sheet is what they will offer you. Take best price you can get! Five different people will offer five different price's!

6 years ago
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