World War 2 Occupation and Emergency Coinage

I have recently gotten interested in World War 2 coinage - German occupation coins, free government coins (France, Belgium, Netherlands, etc) and US Occupation coins.  There is very little material available on the internet on the subject - a few short articles.  Can anyone recommend authoritative books on the subject that would be helpful in my research?

8 months ago

Yes! I would recommend World War II Remembered by C. Frederick (Fred) Schwan and Joseph E. Boling. The book is over 20 years old now, but remains the standard reference for all things numismatic and WWII. It's huge (800+ pages) and comprehensive. It is out of print now, but you can pick up a used copy. I just checked Amazon and the cheapest ones go for $162.50. Good luck!

8 months ago

I have the "Remembered" book and it is the current standard.  The coauthor is Joseph Boling.  Enter "schwan boling" in a search engine.  I found a used copy in good condition available on abebooks.com. 

I just saw Fred and Joe last weekend... they keep coming across more, previously unknown info or examples, that they want to include in the "next edition" but no one knows when that will be.  The first edition is still the premier reference.  Get a copy if you can.

You may also be interested in signing up for the Military Payment Certificate (MPC) newsletter, the MPC Gram, that gets emailed periodically.  It contains updates and interesting articles on military numismatics.  Try googling "MPC Gram".

Finally, if you are into it enough to travel to a gathering on that topic, there's the annual MPC Fest in Port Clinton, OH.  They just wrapped up Fest XIX and are looking forward to Fest XX next spring.  Fred Schwan heads it up and many of these same experts attend.  They have a bourse also.  Special guest speaker this year was a WW2 Tuskegee Airman who signed books and short snorters.


6 months ago

The commens from the 90's are great. Look in the Red Book you can buy proof or MS. They have all the wars in 1936 they have civil war coins Vietnam coins now world war one. Just go though the commens you will see some nice ones hope you find the one your looking for.Mike.

6 months ago

I'm sorry you want coins made during world war two or currency call the ANA library tell them what you want they will send you the book but you do have to send it back 162.00 you could by some coins for that. Give that a shot they have 127.000 of them. Good hunting. Mike

6 months ago
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