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Mine is the 1899 Black Eagle Silver Certificate.

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I just saw this story making the rounds on Facebook:  The US Government is Replacing Alexander Hamilton With a Woman on the $10 Bill If the media…

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I just picked up this beauty recently.  It is a 1910 German 100 Mark note with Germania featured on its obverse.  Must do more research…

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Hello, my name is Kayla. About 20 years ago my mother and I found a $10,000 bill in a book. I have done research on…

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anyone have any truly odd or unique bills? post here! …


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Mine is the 1899 Black Eagle Silver Certificate.


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I just picked up this beauty recently.  It is a…


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Longstrider recently posted a blog about a check he had…


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Does anyone know of a source for information about ANA…


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I recently bought a two dollar bill, 1928 C with…


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I was looking at my paper money and looking at…


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From 1946 to 1973, American soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines,…


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World paper money is attractive and affordable. While rarities do…


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What is the difference between a bill that was printed…

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