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I just became a platinum ANA member, i have a vending business and go through over 1000.00 each week in coins and paper money. I have been collecting coins for many years and started researching them and errors within the last year. If anyone can tell me where to start and how to have my coins graded, which ones to have graded, how much that costs, suggested coin selling sites and any selling tips, whether to sell a large lot at once or 1 coin at a time. Any and all information, guidance and help would so greatly be appreciated.

11 months ago

you can send coin for grading to the NGC I think

11 months ago

Welcome to the forum. I have only been collecting for a short time, less than two years, but the best advise I have gotten is get the book before buying the coin. What I mean is get a Red Book. The 2019 is out soon. Get a general idea of how much the coin is worth. You don't want to grade a coin that is only worth 50 cents and pay 15 dollars to do it. If you have a coin under $500, I would use ANACS. I have not had any problems with them so far. with coins over $500, you may want to consider NGC or PCGS. They are the two top graders and their opinions hold more value, in my opinion. As for selling, I am not versed very well to be giving advise. I have sold a few coins at my local clubs auctions. I traded a Morgan worth about $250.00 for an entire set of WW II Airplane coins. Good Luck to you.

10 months ago
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