I've been reading bits of "coin news" on the forum and blogs.  I'm just wondering if there are any trusted websites I can go to to read more in depth articles on coins.  Like any new coins coming out, the price of silver etc.

8 months ago

Many of the old timers blogs are very trustworthy. Books. The research done on some blogs are very in deph. The mint has its own page.on what's coming out and has a description of the coins .  Like The ones tomorow. It will be a circus. If you can get through. I don't trust Wikipedia I have found to many mistakes.. However there great for pictures on coins . I use the Britinaca. They charge 69.00 a year. There history can't be touched. I have learned more history on the books on the coins I collect. Join a club if there is one around you. If there is a dealer go there . He should know allot of answers for you. That's all I can think of . Don't cut and paste it's against the rules. Before I write a blog I do intensive research unless it's on a simple coin like I just posted on the three legged buffalo. I'm sure there will be more ideas. Ask questions!!

8 months ago

Cool, thanks.

8 months ago

Coin Week and Coin Age are both fine publications. Print and online versions.

7 months ago
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