Thowback Thursday blogs

Hello everyone! 

I hope that you all have been keeping up with the "Throwback Thursday" blogs. There has been some very positive feedback and I would like to continue to post them every week. 

That being said, I'd like some input from you.

-What posts have you particularly enjoyed?
-Do you have any topic requests?
-Do you have any old photos with an interesting numismatic story behind them?

Thanks for your help!


8 years ago

In The California Numismatist, the quarterly magazine of the CSNA, the editor does a  features on events that happened in the organization's history 25 and 50 years ago. The ANA could easily add 75 and 100 year features as well.

8 years ago

Want events to celebrate? My father will turn 96 a week from Tuesday, he is a decorated veteran holder of DFC, Air medal and three or four campaign medals.  He and Mom are the reason I am a coin collector. 

8 years ago

Apparently you cannot say anything you want - someone will delete it HUH?

8 years ago

I was perusing through the whole forum postings one at a time to read the things that everyone posted. I came up with an idea I was wondering if it was tried or thought about and hashed out about. Has the ANA ever statistically looked at the distribution of the ANA population and see where it is not reaching and wonder if there could be something to enhance coin collecting in those areas. A lot of ANA members will go whereever the ANA shows are held so why not go somewhere that is not a hotbed and drum up interest there? I probably will get statements like if we (ANA) goes there who will do the leg work, who does it now? 

8 years ago

Want events to celebrate? My father will turn 96 a week from Tuesday, he is a decorated veteran holder of DFC, Air medal and three or four campaign medals.  He and Mom are the reason I am a coin collector. 
 Hey Guy,  That's wonderful about your Father!   Sounds like you had some great role models to get you started in collecting.  :)

8 years ago

Today is Wednesday so I am a day early but I have been looking at the various people on the leaderboard to see what they are saying and doing. I have noticed that a large percentage of the leaderboard has not posted anything either in the form of a blog or other entry. I wonder if we need to do something to enhance the process to get more feedback?

7 years ago

The last week of August and for two weeks of September were a little hectic for us in the Southeast corner of Texas with the visit of Harvey. I picked up my wife from the airport in Houston one of the last flights to land before the closing of the airport.  we got back home around midnight or a little later. The next morning I woke up to view some of the outer storm bands of wind and rain. My house is high and we have not flooded inthe 41 years we have lived here, so I was confident we would not flood.  The street was under about a a foot or foot and half of water which put the water line at the top of the wheel wells in my car parked at the curb. The water continued to rise until it was within five feet of the house and four feet deep. the storm continued to rain on us and rain on us. THe water would go down a few feet and the next band of rain storms would bring it back up. The city water system failed and we never lost elecricity so we were okay as long as we boiled water and ate frugally. Around us the water rose and cut off Interrstate Ten  (I-10) both east and west and north the water was over the highway and eventually eroded and took out an overpass.  essentually we were the reverse of a doughnut the center was high and dry and every community and area around us was under from a few inches to several feet of water.

   Enough of the situation - what I am wanting to say is Thanks to all the ANA and others who either called or telephoned to see how I was doing. Over 50 Calls and emails were from members both here and and overseas checking and offering assistance. Thank you very much. 

5 years ago
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