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In an effort to get to know each other a little better, what would you say your "Holy Grail" piece is, and what is your…

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I would like to put up at topic for discussion just for fun and further thought.  Which grading service is the best?  And this can…

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Are there any coin roll hunters on this site? If you are, comment what you like to hunt and share your finds

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What is your favorite U.S. Commemorative Coin of all time? Post a picture and share yours. 

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A few weeks ago I started and wrote a blog…


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This is a test of the forum link for function…


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I have a question...the gold coins that came out of…


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I have collected coins all my life. I have now…


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Like the vast majority of you, I always check my…


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Hello everyone,I'm 49 and just joined the ANA and would…


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In an effort to get to know each other a…


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1833 was a difficult year in US History. Chicago…


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http://www.mrbrklyn.com/flowinghair_1806.html The 1806 or more properly, the 1805/6 coinage of US…


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http://www.mrbrklyn.com/capp_1818_ms_63.html While many US coins were tried from even the colonial…

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