Seated Dime Popularity

The U.S. dime has been my favorite denomination going back to my younger years of collecting. Having completed the Barber, Winged Liberty and Roosevelt series over as many years, and now nine years into the Seated Liberty with only 32 remaining, it appears that in the past several months more collectors are now looking at this series. Prior to 2022, I had little competition when seeking out the remaining dates/mint marks. As I looked on EBAY this evening there were double digit bidders on multiple auctions, where in the past perhaps half that and only on the semi or key dates. So my question is, has this series suddenly drawn the interest it deserves? Most of the selling prices I'm seeing were obtained in the past at a fraction of the current as well. A new trend? A hot market, or temporary fad?

21 days ago

It's just your good luck. Maybe there is an article in some numi mag somewhere talking about them. This kind of thing happens to me as well. Good luck LB.

20 days ago
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