Adding a Club

I recently got my membership to PAN (Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists).  I added the "club" to my profile, but its not showing up on my profile page.  I've seen others with PAN added as a club membership, so why is this not showing up for me? 

4 months ago

In my experience one has to make a phone call to the ANA and request they add it for you. Again in my experience it is still difficult to get it listed. I wish you luck. They  are open on Saturday.

4 months ago

Thanks Longstrider.  Crazy that you'd have to call to update something on your online profile, that you can edit online on the webpage.  Is what it is I guess.  

4 months ago

I've tried to list all the clubs I belong to. I emailed someone long time ago and they claimed to add them. I didnt see them listed. I did try on the site recently,  but have no idea what clubs are showing. I quit trying. Guess it's not that important anyway. I also belong to PAN. 

2 months ago

Your profile from what I see, says your not a member of any ANA clubs. I tried a while back to list my clubs. Someone with ANA said they took care of it, but I never saw any results. I gave up. I thought it would be nice to list what clubs I belonged to, but don't care about it now. 

1 month ago
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