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I see there are little round images of many of the members in the forum posts. I am unable to find where that information is edited. Perhaps it’s because I’m on my iPad and not a pc. Or is it reserved for special people? My wife tells me I’m special. ;)

P.S. Also there’s the question about user. Can I use my username in lieu of the default member number?

5 years ago

Hey there, welcome.

On the www.money.org homepage, after you login, click on "My Account".  From the dropdown menu select "My Privacy Settings".  You can change your display name and avatar from there.

If you haven't made many posts or added a lot of collections, etc., yet, you can change your "slug" to match your new display name.  If you've already conducted a lot of activity here, leave it alone.

It took me awhile to find this the first time too; I was expecting to find it under "My Profile".

Also I used an iPad and found I could not scale my avatar properly until I went to a PC.


5 years ago

Thanks for the helpful. Yeah, I’m going to have to sit at the pc to select a small image file size. Thanks again. 

5 years ago
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