Website Abuses in the blog area

I got this email this morning and I responded - see below

From: Kim Kiick To: ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Subject: Notification
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook 16.0

[-- Attachment #1 --]
[-- Type: multipart/alternative, Encoding: 7bit, Size: 11K --]

Dear Mr. Safir,

Thank you for your recent membership in the Association. We are happy to
have you as part of our community.

We are contacting you in regards to a complaint that we’ve received from
another member citing a number of  blog comments you wrote that are quite
critical of another’s writing and blogging style.

While we appreciate your engagement and encourage healthy, good-spirited
numismatic debate, the ANA does not approve of language that denounces the
creative work or intentions of others.

He is abusing the blog and posting 50 dollar bills out of his pocket.

Fix the problem or most of us will stop participating.

I don't need the blog, I have my own resources.  If you want my
pparticipation then end the abuse of the blog space, the posting of
copyrighted images that are off topic, etc etc.

I will not stop being opening critical of that individal.  And you need
to be aware of something else, this individual once posted that he is
considering suicide.  If that is the case, you are dealing with an
emotionally injured individual who needs to be removed from the forum
for his own safety.

This email, that you sent me is not acceptable.  Fix the problem

Never send me a private message like this.  Everything should be above
board and transparent.

Reuvain Safir

1 year ago

What a bunch of crap. Some little kid got his or hers feelings hurt with suggestions. We all know who this is about. So what are you threatened with?

1 year ago

one of two things can happen... have you ever heard Alices Resturant?

1 year ago

I don't go to other sites. I did once and it was not protected. 

1 year ago

We must be on the Group W bench. Again.

1 year ago

Longstrider I don't know what the ANA is going to do with me. All I know is no one in the ANA will judge me for all I did. But for telling the truth I am  being punished. I have no defence. A group of people will judge me and they don't know me. I have no defense . Sorry I didn't answer earlier.

1 year ago

they are going to fine you $50 and make you pick up the trash..

1 year ago

Alongside the highway? Do I have to be chained? Not again!!

1 year ago

It is another case of American Blind Justice...

1 year ago

Just a half-a-mile from the railroad tracks.

1 year ago
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