Why pictures upload side ways for some people, and how to fix the problem

Hello guys, I thought that I would make a forum post, as there hasn't been one in quite a while. So, as some of you know, sometimes on this website when you try to upload pictures, they end up sideways, and I am happy to say that I have figured out why. So, if a picture is rectangle, it will always upload the picture so that the wider side is horizontal with the screen even if that is not the way you uploaded or intended it to be. So, to fix this problem, just crop the picture on your phone or your computer so that it is either square, or so that the bottom and of the picture are longer than the sides. I hope you guys can understand all of this. 

1 month ago

Good point. I take my pictures with my phone.  Once in a while it comes out on its side. There is a half moon figure on that site. Yo hit that till it comes in the right way.. Some people might not know what that is for. It's in my regular camera also. So take a look and you might find it. 

1 month ago

I just rotate my monitor when I see them.

17 days ago

I don't think I have ever had that problem, so I must be doing something right.

16 days ago

You need to run your photo through some type of editing software. Many are free online.

16 days ago

Thanks, I am sure this helps a lot of people.

12 days ago
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