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This is an idea I had and I would like to try it out here. Toner Tuesday is where you can show us a toned…

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Hey guys! I’m searching through my grandfather’s steel cent rolls for 19X4 errors (and have found a few that are worn dies {not sure if…

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OK, Y'N's, please tell me why you are writing one sentences and calling it a blog? Please, I really wont to know. Am I wrong…

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I've struggled to take nice, clear photos of coins. Silver coins seem especially dificult. They can quickly become mirrors. I'm now using a Nikon Coolpix.…

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Hello All,I am new to coin collecting and came across…


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The Numismatist is a scholarly, informative publication. The articles are…


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Any info is appreciated


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I am looking for a resource to tell me the…


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I recently came upon this very worn copper coin with…


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I inherited two 1884 silver half dollars. I am concerned…


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Last year with the 2020 silver set, which i buy…


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In NY I went to a coin shop in the…


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Maybe not coin related but funny. 


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in my penny book, i have this one coin that…

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