Emails from forums?

Does anyone know how to make it so the ANA won't email you every time someone posts on a forum that you are involved in? I don't post very much in forums because I hate cleaning out my inbox with all the messages about it. Thanks!

Edit: Sorry got it on the wrong thread. I haven't used forums in so long!

8 months ago

I don't know, I have the same problem. I get so many that my PC thought it was spam and I didn't get them as much. I brought them back now, and I see them all after marking it as not spam. Maybe look in your communication preferences, but I don't think it is an option. If you get really desperate, you can just block the ANA lol.

7 months ago

I get them too... I am not sure how to stop them. Perhaps a staff member might?

7 months ago

Must be a setting somewhere for email notifications. I don't receive emails telling me when someone posts anything. 

7 months ago

Doesnt it say if you dont want to receive this click here? I might have seen it some where else Besides it takes a second to erase it. So its not a big deal. Sometimes im glad i see all the opinions. 

7 months ago

I've never received such an email. Lucky me!

5 months ago
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