I found this coin: this is not a Joke!

My grandmother had found a coin in an abandon house in the 1930s that she said was a 1913 Liberty V Nickel.  She held on to it for decades and then lost it.  She claims it had fallen into a basket of yarn in her sewing room.  She had tried to find the coin and turned up the floor boards but alas a family member had donated the basket and yarn.  She felt the coin was somewhere in that pool of stuff.  
Flash forward To this week and I find the coin below for private purchase.  What are your thoughts team?
Is it the missing coin number 6?  I do not know.

2 years ago

Here is the coin

2 years ago

There was never any proof of 6. Samuel Brown the man who made these starting selling them 7 years after the statue of limitations expired. The adds he put in the papers only spoke of five. I would send it in. Also remember the counterfeits that were made. I wish you luck. But the history and the experts who studied these said five but you never know and you won't till you send it in. Keep us informed!!

2 years ago

I sure darn hope not but all of my scam alarms scream FAKE. If it is genuine immediately contact the auction agencies and the ANA. Many companies do produce fakes are curios. Take a magnifier. If you see little bubbles that is a sure fire sign that the coin is counterfeit. Good luck. Andrew  

Show us a pic of the edge. If there is a seam down the middle that means the coin was cast, not struck. 

2 years ago
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