Is This a Rare Error?

I got the Cherrypicker’ Guide, Fifth Edition, Volume II today. I looked through my silver Washington quarters and looked for some errors, not really expecting to find anything. To my surprise when I was looking for errors on my 1964-D Washington quarter I found it was a rare Type C one. I looked at the price and saw it is worth $150.00! I was super excited. I checked the price on Ebay and sure enough, it was worth around $150. My brother said he wasn’t sure it actually was the error so I wanted to ask you thought, is it an error or no? I will also check with the author of it, Bill Fivaz at my next coin club meeting.

Sources: Cherrypickers’ Guide, Fifth Edition, Volume II

1 year ago

You got it my friend. Those sharp eyes. picked a beauty. Remember eBay is not a price guide. And condition is everything.. I take the red book the grey sheet and eBay and come up with a price. EBay is retail!! But I would like to own that in a second Your amazing with the coins you have found. congratulations!!

1 year ago


1 year ago
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