1985 Mexico World Cup Six Silver Proof Coin Set


So, I did something I dont usually do. I bought a 1985 Mexico Silver Prestige Proof 6 Coin Set on Ebay (don't judge!) even when I could not seem to find any information on it.

I know the Mexican Mint issued 16 coins for the '86 World Cup (4 gold and 12 silver) but as a far as I knew, the proof sets were issued as 4-coin (the gold), 12-coin (the silver), 3 coin, or individual coin sets. I could not find any info on six-coin sets...

That being said, I also remember reading how the Banco De Mexico keeps everyone on their toes by issuing limited proof sets all the time, with no apparent rhyme or reason, especially when it comes to the ever-so-popular Libertads...

Have any of you run accross similar sets? Does anyone have any info on this set?


6 years ago
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