Are cook island coins worthwhile?

Hi, I'm Josh. I'm 16 and I've slowly saved some money, and I currently have $400. My step dad collects coins and invests so he's helping me, but sometimes he can't answer everything. So, I'm planning on investing most of it in bulk silver rather than letting it sit on the shelf. But I have been looking at coins like cook islands and other rare coins, which, logically, I would think would slowly gain value due to their rarity. I also like them just from the way they look. I do acknowledge that any coins will take years to gain any value, I'm just curious as to if coins like cook island coins are worthwhile, and whether or not it would gain value overtime due to rarity, stay about the same value, or if it will lose value overtime. I'm sorry if this sounds confusing. Thank you so much for any advice, and I'd gladly take any advice on anything.

5 years ago

And just to give an example of some cook island coins I've looked at would be these:

2016 Loki 2oz coin

http://www.apmex.com/product/98154/2016-cook-islands-2-oz-silver-high-relief-norse-gods-loki2017 20z shades of nature hummingbird 


5 years ago

I will be honest with you on this topic there are no guarantees with any type of investment. What will play in your favor is silver content, limited mintage's, and well liked subject matters. The key is to find a subject matter that you like and just enjoy the hobby, buy the best coin you can that fits your budget and you should see at least some return on your investment. If you are manly just looking for a safe place to invest your money look at animal themed coins, historic events, and mythology coins. Also shop around and compare prices with trusted sites and dealers. Now in my personal opinion unless I really like the subject matter I stick to the more widely known silver coins like panda's, kolas, kookaburras, and eagles. Also the releases from more widely known mints like The Royal Canadian, Perth, and The Royal Mint.

5 years ago
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